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Business has changed

There's no such thing as an offline business anymore.

If you don't embrace the digital world, you'll going to get left behind (or maybe you already feel like you are).

Competition is up.

Online competition can reach farther, deliver faster and cheaper - or even free.

Customer attention is down.

They're not looking at traditional media - they're looking at their iPhones.

When they need something, they ask Google, Siri or social media - and buy it, reserve it, or download it instantly with a tap.

Be honest. Do you ever feel... ?

... confused, unsure how to make your business shine online?

... stuck, in a world of outdated, inefficient processes?

... busy, working in, not on, your business?

... overwhelmed, running a business that stops making money the minute you stop working? 

Enough is enough!

Create your digital future

Attract more customers, reduce costs, boost profits, keep talented employees, and recover lost time so you can invest more working on your business, not in it.

Want to get crystal clear on how to use the Internet to grow your business?

Want to 10x traffic to your website?
Sure thing.

Want to get your first 1000 social media followers?

Want to automate marketing so you can keep generating business, even while you sleep?
Finally, you can, starting today.

  Christian Newman  Award-winning marketing guy, website designer and digital strategist. Also, proud    fan, foodie, hubby, dad, Canadian.

Christian Newman
Award-winning marketing guy, website designer and digital strategist. Also, proud    fan, foodie, hubby, dad, Canadian.

Hi, I'm Christian!


Sixteen years of sales, marketing and business development experience, including 4 years leading the marketing strategy for a multi-billion dollar consumer wireless business in Western Canada at TELUS.


Family first. Then:

  • the courage to think BIG and be unconventional
  • the drive to innovate and use technology to work smarter
  • the desire to provide outstanding value before asking anything in return
  • the wish to celebrate every success, even the small ones


We'll grow your business far beyond your expectations

 Design a digital plan that makes sense for your unique business

 Build a custom website and digital marketing platform to get you noticed online

 Create a social media strategy that extends your reach and gets your story shared

 Build an audience of people who know, like and trust you enough to buy

 Automate outdated processes and make them feel effortless

 Launch digital products you can automate, sell and deliver worldwide

It's your business - you choose.

Keep doing business the old way and await your digital future, or get left behind.

Or... create your digital future starting today, so you can enjoy more control, more profits and more freedom to do what inspires you, every day.

I'm with you - let's do this!

 Christian Newman