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Let's talk productivity, not politics.


Calling all Canadian political candidates and organizations!

You did it!

You raised your hand so you can make your country, province or community a better place with a brighter future.  


Ready to build a better future for your community.

Better Government

One that solves problems, creates opportunity & gets things done.

That's the goal, right?

How to get elected in 2017 (or 2018, 2019....)

The basic steps to getting elected in Canada haven't changed.

  1. Become known, liked and trusted by your community.
  2. Inspire action by voters.

In other words, voters in your community need to experience you. The more voters, the better.

Voters who don't are left to decide based on party policy and leader charisma alone... or not vote at all.

Here's the thing: You're human. You can only knock so many doors, and organize so many events, house meetings and pub nights.

reach more voters in less time with an online political campaign

Thanks to the Internet, you can a build powerful personal brand, reach voters more efficiently, and inspire action more directly than ever before. 

All the tools you need to shine online are in your pocket. Isn't it time you used them (the right way)?

  • Extend offline campaign activity online
  • Engage more voters, in less time, at virtually no cost
  • Streamline campaign operations and stretch your limited resources (time and money) even further

Thing is, most candidates don't. 

  • They wing it - no strategy or plan to get noticed online, build an audience, and turn likes into votes.
  • They're stuck in digital survival mode - pumping out party-provided content (they don't control) instead of building a powerful personal brand (they do control). 
  • They get frustrated - and feel ignored when they don't see tangible and measurable results.

Enough is enough!

What if there were proven formulas to earn votes online and help you get elected?

There are - strategies you can implement, and digital tools you can use to reach more people, in less time, and earn more votes online.

Start your fully-charged campaign today.


Want your first 1000 followers on social media?
You bet!

Want more people out to your events, and broadcast them online (like the leaders do)?

Want voters to proudly share their support for you?
No problem!

There are simple, yet scaleable formulas for achieving all of these goals and more.

  Christian Newman  Award-winning marketing guy and digital strategist. Proud husband and dad of two,  fan, foodie and Canadian.

Christian Newman
Award-winning marketing guy and digital strategist. Proud husband and dad of two,  fan, foodie and Canadian.

Hi, I'm Christian!

I have Sixteen years of sales, marketing and business development experience

At small, local businesses, tech startups and large corporations, including 4 years leading the western Canada consumer wireless marketing strategy at TELUS.

I do my digital homework

I research and test everything (so you don't have to), and turn only the most effective tools into the exact strategies you need to earn votes online.

I helped elect John Aldag in the 2015 federal election

    John Aldag turned heads nationwide when he was elected, sending the first Liberal Member of Parliament from Cloverdale - Langley City to Ottawa in generations.

    A hardworking, talented and dedicated 32-year public servant who began knocking doors years before the writ was dropped, he deserved to win... but like most candidates, he was spinning his digital wheels at first. He wasn't being effective with his time, or with constituents.

    I stepped in, designed his digital strategy, and helped him become known, liked and trusted by more voters in Cloverdale - Langley City than he imagined possible.

    John won by 6,000 votes, a 34% improvement over his party's 2011 election results.



    Time to knock digital doors.

    Build a powerful personal brand

    Design a digital marketing strategy and get noticed online

    Build an audience of voters who proudly share their support

    Boost your personal produtivity and streamline campaign operations

    Get out YOUR vote on election day

    You might be thinking...

    "I'm not a techie"
    I only use simple digital tools and teach you one step at a time, so you don't have to be.

    "I don't have time"
    My strategies help you be more effective with your time, by unlocking downtime and running your campaign more efficiently.

    "It's too early (or late) in the campaign to make a difference"
    It's never too early (or too late) to start building your audience... and the best part is, you can make an impact quickly online.

    "I can't afford it."
    You can get started today, for free.

    Your vote.

    Two options on the ballot.

    1. Wing it online, risk going back to your old job and watch your opponent make the decisions that shape your future.
    2. Take control of your personal brand, build an audience, generate votes online, get elected and start building a better future for your community.

    What's your choice?

    I'm ready when you are.

     Christian Newman