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In a 15-minute jam-packed Skype call, you'll get ideas, inspiration, resources and clarity so you hang up ready to take action.

How Your 15-Minute jam session Works

  1. Book your 15-Minute Jam Session
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  2. Meet me on Skype for 15 minutes
    We'll hack through your challenges and end your call with fresh ideas and actionable advice.
  3. Email check-in
    I'll check-in by email after one week to find out what progress you've made, and give you feedback to keep your business moving forward.

Get a high-quality digital recording of your call, so you can listen and re-listen as often you want.

 Email summary

Get a value-packed email summary - your goals, action plan, resources and next steps.

 15-Minute Jam Session with Christian Newman


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Warning: My job isn't to be easy on you. If something's dumb idea, I'll tell you exactly what you need to do, instead. Cool? Cool.